Eastchester High School

Eastchester High School

“Thank you for helping my son improve his ACT scores.  One of the main reasons why is because he really connected with his tutors.  They gave him the techniques he needed to stay focused and improve his confidence.  The value he received from Jump Start will carry him through his academic years. I am very grateful to all of the Jump Start team.”   — Anna

Scarsdale High School

Scarsdale High School

“Thank you, Jump Start Tutoring, for motivating and enabling my son, Matthew, to improve his ACT scores tremendously. I put my trust in Matt Warshay and his team of excellent tutors to help make this happen. My son received clear, logical, and effective step by step guidance that enabled him to increase his academic knowledge, manage his time, and understand how the ACT questions “work”. These superior teaching methods effectively raised his scores. Not only did Jump Start Tutoring improve my son’s ACT scores, they raised his level of confidence and increased his motivation to succeed. I highly recommend Jump Start Tutoring”  – Erin M.

White Plains High School

“My daughter is an “A” student but not an “A” test taker.  We had very positive results with Jump Start for our older son for the ACT exam so we knew we were going to use Jump Start for our daughter.  We started well ahead of time of the test (approximately 6 months) and with a lot of patience and expert ability from her tutors, she improved her score by 5 points from her first practice exam to her real ACT.  She never would have been able to achieve these results on her own.” – WP High School Parent

Tuckahoe High School

“Thank you for helping to foster Leela’s confidence. She was an excellent student, but her positive experience with your program and staff empowered her with extra knowledge and resources. So proud and pleased.” -Cathy G.

Bronxville High School

If you think the SAT/ACT challenge is daunting (as we did), let Jump Start Tutoring be a part of your students future success. Matt Warshay leads a team of superior and dedicated tutors and staff. Your tutor is fit-to-match the learning style of your student and the results will speak for themselves. Combining a “can do” culture with superb communication skills (with both student and parents), the investment in Jump Start will produce positive results. Incremental score increases (20-30%) are possible; we know, we did it with Jump Start Tutoring !……….Joan M

Rye High School

“Leanne and the rest of the Jump Start Team were extremely helpful throughout my preparation for the ACT. From working on English sections to making sure that I was still keeping up with Math, Leanne pushed me to put in the hard work that led to the high scores I desired. She was always encouraging, pushing me to figure out the right answer on my own while teaching me the problem-solving techniques that would carry me through the exam. I would HIGHLY recommend Jump Start Tutoring as it enabled me to score better than I could have ever imagined.” – Maddy S.

Iona Prep

“The trifecta was a success…again! It included you, the super-cool, motivating tutor, me the parent willing to pay until the bitter end, and my son, who finally realized he was going to continue to take that ACT until he brought his “A” game on test day! What can I say besides thank you very much for reaching both my kids in a way that prepared them to achieve great results on the SAT and ACT. I truly believe that Jump Start Tutoring gave them the advantage that enabled them to get into the universities of their choice. For that, I am very grateful to you, Matt.” -Elisa Forgione

Ardsley High School

“Matt, we cannot thank you and the Jump Start team enough for the way you helped our son Patrick raise his SAT scores and improve his self-confidence.  The exam taking skills he learned at Jump Start are sure to help him in college.  We are also grateful for how you helped him with his college essay.  He started out with a good idea, but needed help in organizing his thoughts and telling his story.  We are very pleased and proud to submit it with his college applications.”        -Christine G.

Dobbs Ferry High School

“Dylan raised the scores on both her SAT’s and her ACT’s and felt more confident and comfortable taking the tests. You and Sam were always polite and professional and you worked around our crazy schedules without complaining. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.” -Karen Clay

Eastchester High School

Jump Start Tutoring has been a tremendously positive experience for Nick. In addition to the help with the subject matter, Jump Start has given him invaluable strategies to help with better study habits and taking time pressured exams. – Carmen Stefano

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