For Parents

The Big Picture – We remain sensitive,  yet professional

Sometimes there is more behind a child’s grades than performance in school. Jump Start tutors are sensitive to issues that sometimes lie beyond the pages of a text book, such as: competition, internal conflict, peer pressure, conflicts in school, or simply growing up and finding oneself. Children often find relief in discussing their problems with an older peer who can provide positive reinforcement and emotional support. This big brother, big sister approach has allowed many students to become more confident in the learning process.

Here are some Tips for Parents:

  • Top Ten Things Colleges Look For Colleges look for a number of factors when evaluating applicants for admission. It’s important to know what these factors are and to keep them in mind as your child progresses through high school and then enters the college application process. If you know where the colleges are focusing, you can make sure that your activities ...
  • Private Tutoring vs. Classroom Preparation in a nutshell… As SATs approach, many parents try to weigh the positives and negatives of private tutoring vs. classroom preparation. Although classroom instruction is a good source of preparation for the SATs it seems to overlook one very important detail; the individual student’s strengths and weaknesses. Students placed in these courses are not separated based upon ability ...

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