As SATs approach, many parents try to weigh the positives and negatives of private tutoring vs. classroom preparation. Although classroom instruction is a good source of preparation for the SATs it seems to overlook one very important detail; the individual student’s strengths and weaknesses. Students placed in these courses are not separated based upon ability and are taught the same material. So, for many, time is spent in the classroom reviewing countless ways to cover topics that to some may already be well understood. Although the classes do provide a good overview of the exam, they fail to address the individual concerns of each child. When weighing costs and benefits, determine which direction would be best for your son or daughter.



  • Tutoring is scheduled based upon students’ availability on weekdays weeknights or weekends
  • Students must complete assignments before each new session
  • Instruction moves at a pace that suits the needs and abilities of each student
  • Individualized instruction with proven successful results and methods
  • Focuses on individual’s strengths and weaknesses and covers all necessary tactics and strategies
  • Classes usually take place after school or on weekends, lasting several hours
  • Students’ work is assigned, but typically not checked by teachers
  • Moves at a pace suited to the class and the material that needs to be covered
  • Years of experience teaching the exam with proven successful results
  • Teaches a general overview of the exam including tactics and strategies