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Staycation 101

Let’s face it, this summer we are all going to need to take some steps to make the vacation more enjoyable. Growing up, 90% of the time I spent during summer vacation was ‘staycation’. Entering 10th grade, I actually preferred staying local over sleepaway camp or a trip with the family. We do not know what the months ahead hold, but if you’re like me, your summer plans that don’t involve staying at home are likely cancelled. That means staycation will become a buzzword, just as important as social distancing. But not all are created equally, so here are some tips on how to make your staycation a success.

#1 – Choose a Theme

Summer camps all have unique themes they are centered around, and so does a good staycation. Your first step is to identify what you want your staycation to be. I won’t lie to you, my ideal staycation is probably different than yours (wilderness camping, in case you  are curious. Learning how to cook is currently second  place), and yours is probably different from the next person’s. So choose a theme that speaks to you, things that you want to experience, a lifestyle you want to live. 

#2 – Make an Itinerary / Schedule

Travel to international hotspots involves serious planning, and the best staycations are also well-planned. You should set aside a span of 3-10 days and fill in the hours with activities that speak to you and your theme. The more detailed you make this schedule; the more fulfilling the experience will be when it comes. Don’t go crazy; put some free time in that itinerary, and you will thank yourself and be well rewarded for the planning effort.

#3 – Tell your Family and Friends

You would tell your friends if you were going to Cabo, right? It’s the same for staycations. You will start to look forward to it the more you share your plans with others, and they might have some cool ideas and insight. It’s especially important to have support from your family; you don’t want to be called out to mow the lawn in the middle of your staycation extravaganza. If you don’t clue them in, expect some disruptions.

#4 – Coordinate with Close Friends and Family to Simulstaycay

Yes, you might be stuck at home and unable to go hang out with friends, but you can still connect. The staycation experience will be much richer with friends/family doing theirs at the same time. Set up a Zoom or House party time to hang with the people important to you. If you are allowed to have a Social Bubble / small network to hang out with, coordinate ahead of time to make sure you’re staying safe if you do meet up for social distancing activities.

#5 – Try Something New

One of the most interesting experiences I ever had was when I switched my sleep cycle and took a night job (a graveyard shift, actually) during a summer vacation. After leisure time, I would put in a few hours and then fall asleep before (or after) sunrise. I found I didn’t miss much time with my friends in the morning, either. These ‘regimes/systems’ can range from a new exercise program to changes in diet, or incorporating a new activity like cooking or art.

#6 – Build a Skill or Work on a Project

This should jive with your theme. You will be more motivated if you can identify skills and goals you want to reach during the staycation. This could be a project or endeavor that you enjoyed years ago  but haven’t recently had time for.  If it’s a brand new skill, like learning how to prepare some cool meals, you might want to look up tutorials ahead of time. 

#7 – Pack for your Staycation

Yes, seriously. Getting your gear together a few days (or the very night) before you start staycationing will amp up your adrenaline. You will also invariably discover that you need certain things for scheduled events/activities, and you’ll be much happier procuring them beforehand. Nobody wants to have a lengthy trip to the local supermarket when they’re supposed to be sunbathing!

So, what kind of staycation speaks to you? Did we miss anything? Share in the comments!

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